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Fluffs of Luv in home Pet Sitting

Fluffs of Luv provides a FREE in home meeting so you can meet your primary pet sitter and they can meet your pet(s).   Your primary pet sitter will gather all the information required to provide the best care for your pets.  Whether it is adding ice cubes to their fresh water bowl or playing “chase the laser,” we have you covered.  Fluffs of Luv offers a variety of service options and service time frames so you can customize your care schedule to meet your pet(s) needs.  Your pet care consultation is a no obligation evaluation, and is required before services can start.  One thing of many that set us apart from other companies is all of our Insured and Bonded Pet Sitters are Employees not Independent Contractors.  Give us a call to set up your FREE consultation with one of our team members today 704-421-3492, or email us at!

Click here to check out our pricing and all the different services we offer. 

Things to note:

* All requests for pet care should be submitted via our online scheduling system or through the office. Your pet sitter cannot schedule visits. We will send you a confirmation email prior to the start of your care. If you do not get a confirmation email please call or email us, that means we do not have you on the calendar!

* ALL 1st care requests require a free in-home meeting. Call us at 704.421.3492 to set up a pet sitting service or email us at

* Once you have had your initial consultation, pet care visits should be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. We understand things pop up at the last minute and if they do there is a small $15 fee to accommodate for short notice in scheduling.

* We DO NOT charge extra for general medicating i.e. pilling or topical but do charge $5 more per visit for administering injections or $10 for fluids.

* We love pets and most of us have many, so you won’t get charged extra until you have 3 or more pets, then it’s only $5 more per visit or you can choose a 45 min full visit and the extra charge will be eliminated.

* Fluffs of Luv asks that you keep 2 keys on file and provide them to your sitter at your initial consultation. One key will be carried by your sitter and one will be held at the office. If you only supply one key at your consultation there is an $8 key making fee that will be charged to your first invoice so that two keys will be on file. If you do not keep a key on file after your consultation we do charge a $10 key pick up and $10 key drop off fee. You can also pick up your key which is free of charge after your visits. If you lock yourself out of your house we do offer an emergency key lockout service for $35. A lot less expensive than a locksmith!

* We ask that your payment be received prior to the start of your pet care. You can mail a check to us or simply enter in your credit card information in your profile to have your card charged.

* We do charge $5 more per visit for the day before, day of and day after a holiday. The holiday’s that we observe are Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

*Cancellations- If you return home early without notifying FOL 24 hours in advance, you will be subject to a cancellation charge which equals any scheduled visits in the next 24 hours. If it is less than 3 days from the time your scheduled trip is to start and you cancel any or all of your visits, you will be subject to a cancellation charge which equals any scheduled visits in the first 24 hours of your invoice. If you need to cancel more than 3 days from the start of your visits you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

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