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Benefits of Exercise for your Dog

Dog Digging

We humans are always being preached to about the benefits of exercise. Whether its our doctors and spouses or the constant assault on TV and social media. What if I told you that they're even more benefits for our pets to get some activity in. I am not talking about running a 5k or signing up for some kind of Doggy/Human Bootcamp class, if that even exists. If it doesn't, that may be the next business venture. No, not really. I'm speaking of oldies but goodies like a good walk or fetch. Something of that speed.

1- Exercise helps unleash pent up energy. I'm sure most of you have seen dogs just start running around the house or jump on people for no reason. This could be an example of your dog needing to get out and burn off some of that energy. I went to a farm in Kentucky once to see a friend's horse. It had been kept in its stall for a few days and when the gate was opened, you would have thought the Kentucky Derby had just began. That horse sprinted back and forth across the field repeatedly for about 15 minutes. When I asked the owner what was up, he said she was just burning off energy that piled up.

2- Our pets look up to us and love us. Sometimes they are similar to our families and just want some attention. Going for walks and playing with toys is a good way to spend time with our pets and work on that bond.

3-Walks in different environments help with your pets socialization skills. Every walk is different. Our pets need constant and different situations to build trust and comfort in all surroundings. One tip though- when approaching other dogs out in the public, it is our responsibility as our pup's humans to watch out for them and vet other dogs from interacting with them. I, myself, am very guarded with allowing unknown dogs come up to my dogs. I have no clue if that dog is aggressive or has some type of bug. Now if you see your neighbor's dog that yours has played with before, let them have fun!

4-Just like with us humans, it helps our pet's digestive system to be active and go for walks. I don't think any more explanation is needed there, so on to the next point.

5- It helps with weight control. Simple concept and the oldest...Calories burnt need to be more than calories taken in. My Boxer's love of chewing up any TV remote can look like he is having fun when he is busted but doesn't compare to the calories burnt during a good walk at my fast pace stride.

6- One of the naughty behaviors our dogs have when they don't get the exercise amounts they need is digging! And they don't have the common courtesy to put the expelled dirt back into said hole when finished. I feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack trying to catch them so I can correct it. It is difficult though. I think the pug is always on watchout for the bigger dogs to let them know when I am coming. Yes, I need to practice what I am blogging better myself.

7- You should have known I was coming back to this but the final benefit is that its good for US! No, we don't have to worry about catching the wife digging a hole out back by the tree like the dogs but it will keep us active when its so hard to get out of the sedentary lifestyle we live so often. Any time not spent in an office chair or on the couch but out walking or playing is a good thing.

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